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Coopmet: Caring and protecting lives, the largest assets of the company.

The Coopmet was founded in february 26, 1998 by professionals of the areas of security engineering and labor medicine to make available in job market capixaba services of excellence in the actingsectors.

In a job market each time more competitive, the companies need to eliminate the risks to the health of the workers in the work ambient, relienving the occurrences of accidents and occupational diseases. For this, it´s needed to count with a multi-professional team committed with the quality and about especially with life and the workers security.

The Coopmet meets the big companies of Espírito Santo and national job market who believe in the importance of investments in health and security of yours workers, as an effective means to generate positives results for all.

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We offer our services in an increasingly competitive market where companies need to eliminate the health risks of workers in the work environment, mitigating occurrences of accidents and occupational diseases.


Some companies who trust in the quality of our services.

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We are ready to serve you, with experience and the quality of our professionals.

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