Psychology Services

Our professionals are prepared to meet the needs of the companies in our unit and In Company.

The area of Psychology, well known for subsidizing the decisions of Human Resources in companies, has also become a strong ally in the demands of Security Engineering and Labor Medicine. Our professionals are ready to meet the needs of companies in our unit and In Company, as characteristc of the activity and the volume of professionals involved.

Companies are increasingly using evaluation services as a decision tool to the candidate´s suitability or employed to perform certain risk activities, for example those comtemplated by the regulatory norms (RN) 20,33 e 35.

The specialists by COOPMET have experience in:

• Admissional and periodical psychological evaluation: Widely used by average and large companies to select candidates (according to their psychological characteristcs) jobs vacancies, internal drives and promotions. We also recommend the use by small businesses, because a candidate whose abilities and aptitudes are analyzed and better targeted for specific areas will have greater possibilty to develop their potencial, increase your satisfaction and consequently contribute to the improvement of its performance and productivity. In addition, the identification of which indicate the risk of accidents is a preventive measure for employee safety.

• Professional accompaniment: This service has gronw significantly and consists on the attendancemployees who, voluntarily or through your boss’s appointment, seek the reception and direction for a solution of demands which are affecting the professional´s performance or productivity in the work environment.

We have also developed and implented the following programs, which make up the people management system:
• Recruitment and selection;
• Integration of the new employee;
• Evaluation and management of performance;
• Diagnosis and research of organization climate.