Emergency Medical Services

The COOPMET team of professionals is highly trained and qualified for urgent care.

Lives are saved by emergency medical services, since sudden miscarriages and trauma can cause damage before the patient arrives at the hospital.

Through the use of ambulance and mobile equipment, the assistance begins at the place of the occurrence and continues during the transport to the ambulatory of the company or hospital, according to gravity.

COOPMET acts with emergency medical care and emergency in large companies with industrial, steel and port complexes. The synergy between our specialists in the field of health and security engineering, allows for greates breadth and diversification of the services to be provided.

Our expert group consists of doctors, nurses and other health professionals. We are to offer complete patient care through:
• First AID;
• Removals;
• Outpatient care.

We have experience in assembly, implementation and regularization of outpatient within the premises of companies (with supply of vehicles, furniture, equipment, instruments, consumables and medicines), aiming at the operationalization of the first service and removals to the hospitals agreed to by the client.