Labor Medicine

We work with small, medium and large companies and we have extensive experience in the management and operationalization of common SESMT.

COOPMET is ready to serve you, In Company and our facilities, with labor medicine services. We provide customized service so that companies can meet all the requirements of labor and social security legislation, of which we highlight:

Elaboration of programs:
• MOHCP – Medical Occupational Health Control Program – NR 07; (We also offer coordination service of this program).
• HCP – Hearing Conservation Program – NR 07.

Medical exams:
• Admissionaries and dismissals;
• Periodicals and change of function;
• Back to work.

Complementary examinations (in own clinic):
• Laboratory;
• Audiometry;
• Electroencephalogram;
• Electrocardiogram;
• Visual Evaluation;
• Spirometry;
• X-ray.