Security Engineering

The Coopmet has wide experience in providing service consulting in the area in Security Engineering, besides management and operationalization in Comun SESMT.

We exercise the methodology of preventive work with our customers softening the risks in work environment. Among the activities that we develop, we can relate:

Development of legal documentation:
• Technical report of Hazard – NR 16;
• Tecnical report of Unhealthy – NR 15;
• ERPP - Environmental Risk Prevention Program - NR 09;
• WCEP - Work Conditions and Environment Program - NR 18;
• RMP - Risk Management Program - NR 22;
• RPP - Respiratory Protection Program - IN 01/94 do MTE;
• Sealing Test - IN 01/94 do MTE.

Quantitative assessments of environmental agents:
• Occupational noise dosimetry;
• Illuminance;
• Full body vibration;
• Localized vibration;
• Heat (IBUTG);
• Acoustic comfort level;
• Chemical Agents (gases, dust, organic vapors, metal fumes, etc).

Technical Assistance for:
• Organization and implementation of the CIPA;
• Unhealthy skills, dangerousness and port risk;
• Judicial proceedings and audits of legal requirements;
• Elaboration, implantation and accompaniment of accident prevention programs.