Training and development

COOPMET is prepared to assist you in carrying out training the areas of Labor Medicine and Work Security.

Our instructors make the training dynamic and participatory, because as they also work in the field, they establish empathy the trainees in relation to the daily life and experience in the solution of conflicts.

Among the training we do, we highlight:
• Perception of risk;
• Accident Prevention for CIPA;
• First AID;
• Basic Life Support;
• Use of Personal Protective Equipament – PPE.

We conducted other training to meet Regulatory Requirements (RR’s), can be customized and operated in our facilities or In Company.

We also work with:
• Coaching and Executive Development;
• Development of managers / leadership;
• Development and integration of teams;
• Development and improvement of intra and interpersonal skills with a focus on attitudinal change

Our technicians and specialists have experience in developing, customization and implementation of training programs to meet the integration of professionals needs in operational environments (recommended for companies that aim to reduce accidents and improve organizational climate).

The professionals who participate in our training, and that reach the minimum income, receive the certificate of na recognized institution in the market of Security Engineering and Labor Medicine, attending companies from different areas of activity, giving more credibility to your qualification process.